On behalf of Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno and the Board of Directors for the Lee County Sheriff’s Youth Activities League (SYAL), we thank you for your consideration of a donation or sponsorship. Your generosity will assist us in fulfilling our mission of serving youth with inspiring, character building programs and practical training to enhance safety.

Supporting SYAL is one of the most effective ways to address the need for recreational, educational, cultural, and social activities for youth in our community.

Studies show children who participate in sports and social activities are more likely to succeed as adults. We are dedicated to giving participants this advantage in life. We accomplish this through partnerships between SYAL, The Sheriff’s office, Lee County, Cape Coral Parks and Recreations, Southwest Florida YMCA’s, private citizens, business, and civic organizations.

SYAL lead and inspires youth in an effort to transform their lives to become healthy, civic-minded citizens of Lee County through our community-based activities.

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