Volunteers are always needed!
Find volunteering resources below.

If you need community service hours, you can volunteer with United Way of Lee County by emailing volunteer@unitedwaylee.org or calling 239-433-7567.

For details on what volunteer opportunities are available with United Way, click here.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way to help the community and feel more connected. Individuals who perform community service get gratification by meeting other individuals and being able to see their effect on others and their community. Through community service, you get the opportunity to meet people you might not have otherwise met and build a meaningful relationship with them.

Volunteering can also provide you with many skills that you can use for your daily activities or future job opportunities. Volunteering can help you learn skills include budgeting, time management, and networking. Volunteering can also improve your mood and state of mind. People who help others have been shown to get a sense of accomplishment.

Benefits for students volunteering

Many high schools and some colleges require students to complete community service hours or service-learning hours with local non-profits. Students who are eligible for the Bright Futures Scholarship need to complete community service as well to qualify for the financial aid.

In addition, repeated community service for an organization looks good on applications for schools, scholarships, and jobs. Spending more time with an organization allows you to build connections to help get a letter of recommendations for schools or scholarships. Also, it enables you to gain experiences that you can use on resumes or scholarship applications to give you an advantage against other applicants.

Meet your graduation requirements with fun volunteering activities. Enjoy being part of an organization that can create lasting friendships and opportunities that you can use for a lifetime.